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Best Feet Forward
A Film by: Keaton Monger, Kelsey Nix, & Jordan Pridgen

Winner of the Audience Award in the 2010 Adrenaline 72-hour film making competition


Space Interview
Live Communication to the moon.

This video was made with La Petite Teet sketch comedy. Check out our other videos here


The Sound of Silence
Todd has a problem.

This video was made with La Petite Teet sketch comedy. Check out our other videos here


Filmed this on a droid phone! Turns out they're really good at taking vintage looking footage

  Pair of normal Activities
scary video

Meet Your Friend
made for a class presentation
by: Keaton Monger and Andrew McGehee


eminem vocode with korg and fl studio
makin some musics with a keyboards


Funtastic Power! - Solar Powered Calculators
Song I made. MP3 download: here

  Feature Presentation
Video made completely in After Effects. Sound made in Fl studio with some tweaking in audacity.
  Go for the Gold
Cut up some stock footage to put over this cheesy motivational song I made. 
  Funtastic Power!
Funtastic Power! text displayed in a retro kind of way.
  Pogs of Fire
A look into the underground world of competitive pogging.

Lighthouse Studio 2009

A film by (in alphabetical order):
Maggie Ayres
Kevin Eichenberger
Reid Hildebrand
Keaton Monger
Ingrid Nelson
Sasha Solodukhina
Will Tilghman
  snack time
Me eating a cookie full of swine flu.
Cookies and stuff.
  Battle Stance
me making a battle stance.
  Michael Phelps Makes a Restaurant


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