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A couple of Rapscallions have a wonderful time.
before 2008

The Evil Strawberry
A baby wants a strawberry! I also sell Evil Strawberry Merchandise. Don't you want to buy shirts that reference an animation that was popular in 2004? NOSTALGIA?????

Johnny Extreme's Most Extreme Day Ever! To the Extreme
A hallway of pure walking.
Bob's Story
Bob tells a story.
Ducks Live on the Moon
Me at the age of 15 singing about ducks and stuff. Tragic memoriez. Watch this video on albinoblacksheep here.
Spanish toons!
Spanish: AR Verbs!
Spanish: ER Verbs!

Spanish: IR Verbs!

Spanish: Family!


I used to make a lot of animations and don't really do it anymore! HEY!!!!!!

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